The Journal Editorial Calendar


January/FEbruary 2019

Editorial Focus: 
Celebrating NYSBA’s new Women in Law Section

Space Deadline: 11/21/18
Art Deadline: 11/29/2018

MARCH 2019

Editorial Focus: Trusts and Estate Law

Space Deadline: 1/23/19
Art Deadline: 1/30/19

April 2019

Editorial Focus: Family Law  

Space Deadline: 2/19/19
Art Deadline:  2/26/19 

May 2019

Editorial Focus: 

Space Deadline: 3/25/19
Art Deadline: 4/1/19

June/JULY 2019

Editorial Focus: LGBT/Stonewall 50th Anniversary

Space Deadline:  4/19/19
Art Deadline: 4/26/19 

August 2019

Editorial Focus: Attorney Wellness

Space Deadline: 6/21/19
Art Deadline: 6/28/19

September/OCtober 2019

Editorial Focus: Legal Technology

Space Deadline: 7/22/19
Art Deadline:  7/29/19 

November 2019

Editorial Focus: 

Space Deadline: 9/20/19
Art Deadline: 9/27/19

December 2019

Editorial Focus: 

Space Deadline: 10/22/19
Art Deadline: 10/29/19 

In Each Issue:

The Legal Writer
Legal writing articles from Judge Lebovits

Burden of Proof
Evidence column by David Horowitz

Becoming a Lawyer
Law student perspective by Lukas Horowitz

Attorney Professionalism
Forum/Q&A style discussing ethics and professionalism

Practice Management Feature Section
Articles focusing on finance, marketing, technology, and other important areas of Practice Management