Professional Services Guide

Maintain year-round visibility by securing a profile in the only online legal resource of its kind, the Professional Services Guide.

The NYSBA Professional Services Guide is a resource for attorneys to find products and services to assist them in their practice of law. The Guide contains listings from vendors that are in the business of providing law practice management tools to attorneys. Only companies whose business is directly related to law practice management are eligible to participate. Not only is this a great opportunity to provide valuable resources to our membership, it is also a great way to showcase your products and services. Set up your page in the Guide the way you want it – add links, embed video, offer a chat function to explain your services.

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• Company name, website preview, tagline, inclusion in “my supplier” information-cart
• Logo, company description staff photos, and individual contact info
• Higher category search results
• Top of rotation on home page and category search

• Product or services spotlight allows product visual, description, and direct page links
• Placement on Product Spotlight search page
• Graphic header (a branded company ad)

• Company keyword integration
• Document marketing: white papers, case studies, brochures, and more
• Document download tracker
• Blog or new feed integration
• Post Videos

SOCIAL • Social media integration (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn)
$1,200/yr $2,400/yr