New York State Bar Association State Bar News


The State Bar News is published three times each year. Each issue includes coverage of and photos from NYSBA members and leadership events, programs, activities and award presentations.

Spring Issue: Published mid-February. Coverage of the Annual Meeting and January House of Delegates meeting.  

Space Reservation Deadline: 1/7/19
Art Due Deadline: 1/11/19

Summer Issue: Published mid-July. Coverage of the April and June House of Delegates meetings, and feature stories on the new President and President-elect. Also includes report to members from immediate past President.

Space Reservation Deadline: 5/29/19
Art Due Deadline: 6/4/19

Fall issue: Published early October. Includes statements from nominees for the position of President-elect designate, to be selected at the November House of Delegates, as well as photos and related coverage from summer destination meetings.

Space Reservation Deadline: 8/15/19
Art Due Deadline: 8/21/19