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Member E-Blast

NYSBA offers segmented e-blast opportunities to target members with your customized marketing message in a limited quantity throughout the year. Select from the following criteria to create a list specific to the type of attorney you are targeting with your offer.


  • $650/section or practice setting role or firm size. Sponsor chooses one category for list segmentation- section, practice setting role OR firm size. 

  • $1,500 for three sections or practice setting role or firm size. Sponsor chooses three options within the category-- sections, practice setting roles or firm sizes. May not mix and match categories.

  • $5,000 for message to full database.


3rd Thursday of each month and the 1st Saturday of every month except January


Choose your parameters below:


  • 1500 words or less (preferred 1000 or less) submitted as a word doc

  • Header image 600 pixels width, PNG with linking URL (whole image linked--must be a direct link)

  • A strong call to action (to ensure good click-thru rates)

We can also accept HTML code, but it is subject to a redesign, if necessary, to meet NYSBA's standards.

  • If there’s drop in HTML code please bear in mind that the template is 640 pixels width. Drop in html code has padding of 10px on both sides.

  • Please do not include CSS or MSO code in email html code. Plain HTML code is best – prefer div tags over tables, but both tables and div tags work.

Sales contact: Holly Klarman | | 410-584-1960

Materials contact: Emily Shawen | | 410-584-1948

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